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Educative Luxury Holidays for Discerning Families 

Ceasing carving out time to enjoy luxury holidays when children enter the scene is a major misstep for seasoned travelers. One of the greatest things to share with offspring is an appreciation for seeing the wonder in the world. Certain luxury holidays accomplish keeping the wee ones captivated while also satiating adult travelers’ needs for cultural enlightenment or luxurious rest and relaxation.

Avoid Tourist Traps While Creating a Majestic Holiday

Destinations such as large amusement parks often cost as much as more cultured destinations such as meaningful historic destinations. A perfect example of such a destination is Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland. Built 700 years ago, this majestic setting is a wonder for children and adults alike. Castles are scattered throughout Ireland and are a best bet for family excursions celebrating Ireland’s rich history. 

If a tropical destination is the goal, families find all-suite hotels with on-site children’s entertainment to be ideal. Mid-winter escapes to warm weather locales are fun for children when activities are plentiful and childcare is available allowing parents to escape to select adults-only activities.

One such place is St. Lucia’s Coconut Bay Resort. The all-inclusive south coast resort is an abundance of fun for children with options such as crafting and cooking classes, zip lining and kids’ pool games. Older kids appreciate nature hikes, tennis lessons and social activities. Staff chronicles kids’ holiday happenings via photos placed in a keepsake album presented at the time of departure.

A celebrated boutique resort fitting the bill for families with older children is Beach House Turks and Caicos. This resort on Grace Bay offers spacious suites complemented by spa services, fine cuisine and complementary water sports equipment.

Without a doubt, engaging, enjoyable excursions can be had at innovative destinations to avoid touristy locales. A luxury holiday with children is not only possible, it can be quite exciting for everyone in attendance.